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September 2014

Moro Rock, 

Sequoia National Park

Distance: 0.6 miles                          Time: 40 minutes                         Type: There and back

Moro Rock is a granite dome near Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park which offers extensive views over the western half of the park and the Great Western Divide. A 400-step staircase leads from the car park to the summit of the rock. There are a number of signs, both at the start of the trail and on the rock itself, warning of the risks of hiking during a storm as several people have been killed by lightning strikes whilst exposed on the rock.


Nearby you can also visit (and drive through) Tunnel Log. This is a sequoia that fell down in 1937 as a result of natural causes. A tunnel was cut into the tree the following summer to create a tourist attraction, and many people still drive through it today. The most famous and most photographed tree tunnel was actually cut through Wawona Tree in Yosemite National Park but this fell down in 1969. It's fairly depressing to think that at one time our first instinct on seeing such unique and old trees was to cut a huge hole in them - with attitudes like that it's no wonder that the planet is now in such a bad state.


A map of the park can be found here:



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