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May 2018

Stanage Edge,

The Peak District

Distance: 5 miles                          Time: 2.5 hours                         Type: There and back

Stanage Edge is a famous ridge of gritstone in the Peak District which has featured in many television shows and films. It's certainly a romantic spot: sweeping views of rolling English countryside and big open skies. It's also a hot spot for climbers - expect to see many on the edge.

There is a path which continues along the entire length of the ridge. You can access it from either Hathersage to the south (or, more closely, from a minor road called the Dale which comes from the village) or the A57 to the north. We parked near the trailhead on the A57 and walked most of the path to the Dale. It's not really possible to construct a circular route but that is hardly a problem given the views are stunning in either direction. 

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