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'Chasing angels
or fleeing demons,
go to the mountains...'
 Jeffrey Rasley


On beatenhikes you can find some of my favourite hikes in various countries, including the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Georgia, Jordan, Canada, and Kenya. They include long-distance hikes of over 100 miles across tough and rugged terrain as well as short, simple walks that almost anyone could complete. What they have in common is breathtaking scenery and a love of the outdoors.

For each hike, I've provided a brief description of the route together with some useful practical information and links where available. All the writing and photography is my own. If you're interested in seeing more of my photography, follow the links below to my Flickr handle.


There are many hikes I've yet to add, and many hikes I've yet to do. But that's what's great about walking - even when you think you've completed the most satisfying trek or seen the most perfect viewpoint, there's always another hike out there that promises to beat it. 'Because', as Kerouac wrote, 'in the end, you won't remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddam mountain..." 

Multi-day hikes of varying distance

Jordan - 112.jpg

Hikes that can be completed within a day

Isle of Skye - 17

Hikes in my current home, the Golden State

Yosemite 2017 - 124

Some of my favourite hikes

Georgia - 162
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